Watercolor Inspired Stripes

Watercolor Stripe

Last night I worked through the new tutorial, “The Insiders Guide to Watercolor Stripes” at Pattern Observer. The tutorial was very informative and gave some great tips on making a well designed pattern. The sample above was made in Photoshop Touch and is my first effort. I’m ready to experiment more with this technique.

Sunday Sewing Project

Woodland Poppy Cheater Quilt

Today was the perfect day to finish up a few projects that had been stacking up. Some time ago I participated in a Spoonflower weekly contest to design a fat quarter cheater quilt. It was my first try at this concept. Designing the cheater quilt pattern was a bit tricky but sewing it up was a breeze. Now I see where the cheater part comes in. No fancy sewing but within an hour or so I had a finished product. To make your own the fabric is available at my Spoonflower shop.

During and After-Work Space Reorg

Not the usual Saturday activity but I have been thinking about reorganizing my work space for quite some time. I still have to go through files, drawers, and bins yet. With the space more open and usable the sifting and sorting will be so much easier. Many forgotten treasures were found in the process.

Free Cats for Volunteers

Cats in a cupstuffed toy pattern
I am getting ready to make my Cats in Pajamas sewing kit available in my Etsy shop. Before it goes public I would love for a few sewers/crafters to put together the pattern following the direction sheet I have developed. So once the cat is together, stuffed, and named send me your suggestions and comments. The cat is FREE to a Good Home!

#spoonchallenge First Five Days

2014-08-05 21.12.41

Spoonflower.com  is hosting Thirty Days of Drawing challenge to spur participants to explore and draw more. It has been a fun week with great resources to inspire and interesting artist interviews. The theme for this week has been Open Spaces with cactus, mountain, tree, landscape and river as the prompt words. My drawings for days 1-4 are on Facebook  here. Check back later for  the day 5 post, river.

So Excited — Spoonflower’s New Faux Suede

Faux Suede
Spoonflower is always searching for interesting fabrics. Recently they announced that designs could be printed on Faux Suede. I have been working with faux suede in several sewing projects. I love the feel and it sews up nicely. The bonus was that for one day only you could get one of your patterns swatched on this fabric free. I had my autumn leaves design printed and plan to combine it with the caramel suede pictured. Stop back to see how this project develops. Thanks Spoonflower!

Zinnias, Developing Motif Elements

Zinnia Sketches 2Zinnia Sketch 3

Zinnias are in bloom here, brilliant jewel colors in all shapes and sizes that shout summer.  Their sturdy sculptural presence makes them an interesting subject to draw. The sketch from the previous post isolates a few blooms, leaves, and buds that can be combined into motifs. The hand drawn sketch was scanned in to digital format.  I worked to develop a painterly treatment keeping the sketch lines as an important defining style. After testing out the filters available and grouping the elements the first motif is ready.